Tuk-Tuk Sessions Chapter 8 – Two Of Us

Posted on 17. Mar, 2011 by Tuk-Tuk Sessions in Tuk-Tuk Sessions

Tuk-Tuk Sessions Chapter 8 – Originally by the Fab Four. This chapter was filmed on the Japanese Bridge over the murky waters of Tonlé Sap, Phnom Penh. Performed by Rory and Al – on the way to Snowy’s.


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  1. Pitchfork says:

    At this point, Rory and Al are about nostalgia. The classic template, from the two-part harmonies and tuk-tuk blueprint to the singers’ trademark styles, was well-established more than a decade ago. However, making sequels to 1960s classics was a risky effort, considering how much the rock world had shifted in the interim. But with Two Of Us, it was apparent that ‘Al-ory’s’ harmonies, as flashily dense and intensely percussive as ever, are one of Phnom Penh’s renewable resources.

    Of course in 2011, the idea that a motley of squat-dwelling politicos like Al-ory might have a breakthrough single would have been preposterous. Rory’s turn on Two Of Us hews closely to McCartney’s more cinematic finale to Abbey Road. But there are twists throughout to keep things interesting. The best beats build on the typical Al-ory track by adding some new ideas.

    As a single, the song brazenly grabs your attention, but in the context of the tuk-tuk sessions, alongside such forlorn songs as Melanie’s I Drove All Night, it becomes a desperate statement, disarmingly intimate in its role-playing implications but also uncomfortably eager to shed or adopt new identities to ensure a lover’s devotion.
    That moment bleeds into the finale, “we’re going to snowy’s”, a nearly a cappella that swells and fades dramatically. In light of the tragic news of its immanent closure due to overzealous nepotistic development in Phnom Penh, it’s a devastating statement, yet ultimately an untrustworthy one: Al-ory harness the heartache and the happiness to amplify snowy’s voice, not to lose it.

  2. Yoko Ono says:

    I’m suing, in the words of Tex Perkins; ‘You better get a lawyer son, you better get a real good one’.

  3. Ringo says:

    Hey lads, this is what it was all about! Fun! Let’s put the band back together (Yoko can play tambourine)

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